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We are a professional Pet and Family Photography Studio located in Pembroke, Massachusetts.
      At susan white pets, we specialize in creating beautiful portraits that express the relationship between you and your pets. Our Portrait Sessions take place in our relaxed, private studio where we capture memories that you can treasure long after your pet leaves your side. Browse through our website to view our Portrait Gallery, Custom Portrait Products, recent media articles and more!  

      We look forward to working with you and, of course, meeting your best friend!
Susan White, Pet Photographer

The one absolutely unselfish friend than man can have in this selfish world is his dog

George Graham Vent

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

Roger Carns

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

Josh Billings

Perhaps one reason we are fascinated by cats is because such a small animal can contain so much independence, dignity, and freedom of spirit. Unlike the dog, the cat's personality is never bet on a human's. He demands acceptance on his own terms.

Lloyd Alexander

The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn't pose. He isn't aware of the camera.

amazing dogs and their stories
I've had the pleasure of photographing some of the most incredible, loving dogs from all over the world that their owners have taken in to their homes to love.  Here are a few of the many stories we hear everyday. Consider helping some of these organizations.

www.servicedogproject. org.
Emmett is a 165-pound, 2-year-old Harlequin Great Dane. He is the beloved companion and service dog of Jack Gallant of Plymouth, MA.

Gallant suffers from a degenerative neurological disease. “Having a service dog changed my life,” says Gallant. “Before Emmett I feared what people were thinking of me when I was out in public since this disease affects my balance and speech. Now, the attention is on Emmett and not me. He is trained to walk at my pace, assist me in getting up if I fall, negotiate curbs and climb stairs or hills. I can again take a stroll in the woods or walk on the beach. Without Emmett this was not possible. Without him, I’d be lost....”

Emmett was donated by The Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in a place called ‘Crazy Acres” founded by Carlene White. She breeds, raises and trains Great Danes for children and adults with mobility issues, as well as vets suffering from PTSD.
Lucinda, is a one-year old “Sato Dog.” and a Hurricane Maria survivor. She was rescued by the Sato dog project, a wonderful organization dedicated to rescuing the abused and abandoned dogs of Puerto Rico, of which there are thousands!

Lucinda (Lucy for short) is charming and affectionate as well as street smart and resilient; as she gave birth to a litter of puppies when she was just a baby herself! She was adopted by the Chekoulias family of Hanover, MA. and has settled in nicely to her new environment, loves long walks and going to work at the family business.
Meet Gracie who is a five year old greyhound who was rescued from a racetrack in Florida, where she was forced to have litter after litter of puppies. When she was finally rescued she was very ill. She had spent her entire life in a crate indoors, so she had no idea what open sky was or green grass. Had never experienced a walk in the woods or being loved and cared for in a home. Now as you can see Gracie is a happy girl with her new owners who found her at Greyhound rescue in Salisbury, Ma.
It's your pet's time in the spotlight
With all the love they give us, a signature portrait by Susan White is a perfect way to share for a lifetime.
about our company
Welcome to Photography by Susan White. We are a low volume-high quality photography studio and gallery, in a beautiful new location in Pembroke nestled on over three acres of woodlands, surrounded by a nature preserve. Here we create relaxed, natural portraits both indoors and outdoors.

Our work is available on fine art canvas, or classic lustre finish, all in color or rich warm toned black and white. We pride ourselves on the reputation we've earned in the last thirty years with both our photography AND our customer service. Just ask anyone we've ever worked with.

"Photography by Susan White . . . . . . anything else is just a compromise !"
Susan has earned the degree of Master of Photography and Certified Professional Photographer awarded by the Professional Photographers of America.
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